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Participation questions

Hello Everyone!

I still have few questions regarding the rules regarding the Hackathon.

1- Is it possible to participate in the Near Hackathon if the project already won a grant from NEAR but didn't launched the product yet?

2- Is it possible to enter the Hackathon with the Aurora development?

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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  • Manager   •   about 2 years ago

    Hi женя, Thanks for joining the hackathon! Answering below:
    1 - Projects must be either newly created during the hackathon, or if the project existed prior to the hackathon, it must have significant development work after the start of the hackathon.
    2 - Yes! Aurora is built on the NEAR Protocol so your project would still fit the requirement of "Build an app using NEAR in one of the tracks".

    Best of luck!

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