•   almost 2 years ago

About video introduction

The Vorpal project team is a bit confused. In a hurry to prepare all the materials for the hackathon, the team thought that the video should be of high quality and in a slightly different format. If a three-minute descriptive video is needed anyway, the team is ready to provide it in the next couple of days. The team would like to know if this is necessary? We are worried that we will not be disqualified because of this.


  •   •   almost 2 years ago

    With all due respect, is it possible to get at least some kind of feedback?

  • Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    Hello Arthur, Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, due to the large number of projects we are not able to provide feedback to all submitted projects. The video requirement was that the video demonstrates your submission, but the team was reviewing code and other aspects of the project in their review.
    Thanks for all your team's work on building a project and submitting it to the hackathon!

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