•   almost 2 years ago

When will sponsor challenge winners receive information about receiving their prizes?

Howdy! I'm on the team that won Brave's challenge to remake the T-Rex Runner game (https://devpost.com/software/jeffrey-the-dinosaur-s-dinotastic-blockchain-adventure) and I was just wondering when we can expect to hear from them. I'm not in a rush; just want to make sure we don't get overlooked :)



  • Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    Hi Carlos, Congratulations! The NEAR team will be processing all prizes and winners will get an email in the next few business days from either NEAR or Devpost to kickoff the paperwork process. The full process of distribution of prizes can take up to 60 days.

    Thank you!

  •   •   almost 2 years ago

    Gotcha; thanks!

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